Hi, I'm Ethan. I am an enthusiastic web developer with a passion for the front-end and I am looking for new and challenging opportunities in the Greater Boston Area. I spend my days coding to help disrupt income inequality in the women's sports space. Evenings are spent with my dog, building a variety of really fun projects. Get to know me or download my resumé.

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A Passion for Code

I am the co-founder of a women's sports start up, a technical bootcamp graduate, a researcher, an innovative self-starter, and UX enthusiast. In both my personal and professional lives I have been labeled a cultural ambassador, a rhapsodic team leader, and an exemplary communicator. I strive to bring meaningful applications to life that reflect industry best practices and incorporate exceptional user experiences.

A Passion for Life

I love to stretch myself and am constantly pushing my own boundaries; successes and failures alike, I seek to grow. My boundless curiosity and love for learning propel me to explore new ideas. Days off are spent sipping cocktails in resort wear, hanging out with my Jack Russell Terrier, dancing to the latest electronic groove tune, binge watching True Crime TV, and nearly everything in between.

My Work

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A platform where fans can back professional women athletes to help bridge the gap to a livable wage.

Backr began as a passion project for a Dev Bootcamp cohortmate, Denise Duffy, who reached out seeking help to bring her vision to life. This on-going venture began in February of 2018 and was a runner-up winner at the U.S. Soccer Hackathon in Chicago in July 2018. In December 2018 the product was accepted into the San Francisco chapter of StartOut Growth Lab accelerator program. I was named co-founder in January 2019. We are currently bootstrapped and seeking funding from accredited investors.

As the sole developer, I have touched every aspect of this project and worked throughout the tech stack. I have assisted in the creation of the pitch deck, user experience design, business and revenue model creation, market research and much more!

Backr is a platform that allows fans to support professional women athletes. We are revitalizing the old-fashioned fan club such that users pay a monthly subscription fee in exchange for match notifications and watch options, increased social content, and exclusive athlete produced media.

This project is currently ongoing but you can check it out on here.

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Greenscapes LID Viewer

An interactive map displaying low-impact development sites for sustainable landscapes and clean water in Massachusetts.

Greenscapes and Salem Sound Coast Watch approached due to a need for consulting services as well as the implementation of a map to display curated, low-impact development (LID) sites as a key deliverable as recipients of the 2019 MS4 Assistance Grant grant. The new page was to be primarily educational and would allow visitors to filter by town and LID feature type. LID development sites were to be represented as markers on a map that when clicked, would display additional details and images.

The Greenscapes site was built in Wordpress and my clients wanted to a user friendly UI that they could interact with that did not require my intervention whenever updates were to be made. I chose to use the MapSVG plugin due to the out-of-the-box functionality, and the comprehensive documentation.

You can check out the map here.

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Maitland Mountain Farm

A site for a local urban farm and pickling company

In the summer of 2017, I googled Maitland Mountain Farm after buying some of their products at the local Farmer’s Market only to find that they did not have an online presence outside of Facebook. I was well acquainted with the owner and after accepting part-time work helping them make pickles, I proposed that I build their website and consequently landed my first paid freelance gig! Over the course of the next several months, we worked together to craft a site that showcased their products, their passion, and their family.

Maitland Mountain Farm is an urban farm and pickling company based in Salem, MA. The site allows users to learn about the farm and their pickled goods. Visitors can also learn more about where to buy their products, and read about the farm’s recent features in the media.

You can view the site live here or check out the source code on Github.

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An app for tracking cider fermentation

In January of 2018 I began working full-time as a cider maker at Far From the Tree, a craft hard cider company in Salem, MA. Having been trained as a Biologist, I was quick to point out the importance of collecting data and maintaining records throughout the product lifecycle. I built the laboratory program and began tracking cider data using google sheets and charts. After several months, the workflow and querying became cumbersome. I researched affordable software and couldn’t find anything that would fit our operation so I decided to build it myself.

Core is an app for collecting, maintaining, and analyzing data associated hard cider production on a small scale. This tool is particularly useful for craft cider houses or hobbyists who may not be able to afford other costly, commercial-scale software. It is also useful for those interested in tracking various laboratory functions typically involved in the fermentation and stabilization processes. A user can record data to track the fermentation process from start to finish, schedule experiments, and view analytics.

This project is currently ongoing but the source code can be viewed on Github.

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An app that crowd sources greenhead fly sightings along the Massachusetts coast

If you have ever been to a beach in New England in July, you will understand how valuable a resource this platform is. Greenheads are biting flies produced in coastal marshes and appear en mass for several weeks each summer. These flies are extremely difficult to repel and often result in a significant loss of revenue for recreational areas, as the flies cause a decline in visitor attendance. Additionally, many people have severe allergic reactions to the bite of the flies. As an avid beach goer, I have been disappointed in my search of a service that will alert me if flies have been spotted in my area.

Swat is platform that uses crowd-sourced information to track green-head fly sightings on the coast of Massachusetts. A user will be able to log on to the app, select a beach, wetland, or park in Massachusetts, drop a pin, and add comments about the location and severity of the fly population.

This project is currently in the planning stages.

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Code Connect

A job board that connects bootcamp graduates to employers

CodeConnect was the brain child of Dev Bootcamp students who were nearing the completion of the program. Bootcamps are emerging as a popular and effective way to become a developer and we wanted to create a space that could connect potential employers seeking diverse and unique talent to graduates. As the capstone project at Dev Bootcamp, the team was given seven days to bring this concept to life. I worked as a full-stack developer on this project and served as the point person for solving interpersonal issues among team members.

CodeConnect is a job board for bootcamp graduates. A recent grad can log on and search for contracted employers seeking help in their region. Graduates have a profile and can upload their resumes, track their profile views, and keep in touch with cohort mates post-graduation with an in-app messaging system. Employers can search for candidates through the app.

This project is hosted on Heroku and you can check out the source code on Github.